Order Information

Can I check my order history?
We are currently in the process of making this feature available.

Account Management

How do I change my sign-in and personal information?
You may change sign-in and personal information such as name, sign-in email address, and password from "My Account". Simply change the information as indicated and click the "Update" button. If you change your email address, please remember to sign in with your new email address next time. In the interest of security, personal information can only be changed by the customer from the "My Account" section. Customer Service cannot modify personal information.

How do I change my billing/delivery address?
You may update your billing and delivery address in the "View or change your billing and delivery details" section of "My Account".

Store Credit

How do I view my Chezonelle store credit?
You can view your Chezonelle store credit at the top of the "My Account" page. Store credit has no expiration date and there are no restrictions on purchase items. Store credit is automatically applied to your future orders at Chezonelle.


How do I sign up for the newsletter?
If you want to regularly receive our newsletters and find out about the latest promotions, click into the "Profile" section of "My Account" and subscribe anytime. Alternatively, you can click into the same section to unsubscribe. Newsletters are FREE of charge and will be sent to your designated email address. To ensure receipt of our e-mails, please add our domain address (@chezonelle.com) to your allowed list of senders.

Why aren't I receiving Chezonelle emails or newsletters?
Some email services and email client software have filters that automatically classify certain incoming emails as "spam" (unsolicited junk email). To properly receive our free newsletters, product alerts, and email reminders, we recommend the following:

  • Upon the first receipt of our newsletter or email alert, please make sure to add our email address into your address book.
  • Add our domain address (@chezonelle.com) into the allowed list of senders/incoming email of your email software (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape Mail, Pegasus, etc.), if it has such a feature.
  • If you still cannot locate our email in your Inbox, check in the spam and trash/bin folders. If the email is there, mark it as "not spam" or "report as not spam." This option is provided by your email account service (Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.).
  • If you see any of our domain addresses on the blacklist (unallowed/blocked list of senders) of your email client/email account service provider, please remove our domain address from the list.
  • Lastly, please do not block or report our email as "spam" in your email account. If you wish to unsubscribe to our email, go to the “Profile" section in “My Account” to modify your subscription.